What to Do in a Plumbing Emergency Before The Plumber Arrives

Tips for keeping your drain clear

Did you start hyperventilating after reading the title of this article? It’s understandable. Plumbing emergencies are a nightmare that can immensely disrupt your day-to-day life. Unfortunately, wishing and waiting the problem away never works (as much as we’d love for that to be the case). While we’re not a Seattle plumber that’s in the business of stressing people out, we are in the business of preparing property owners for the worst. When someone has the right tools and knowledge at their disposal, the amount of heartache is greatly reduced. For that reason, we’ve put together a guide on what to do in a plumbing emergency.

1. Shut Off the Water

You might feel like this is a “duh” tip, but the fact of the matter is that it can be hard to think when you’re in the middle of an emergency. As soon as you realize something is amiss, turn off the water supply to appliances. Each appliance should have a valve that can be turned clockwise to stop the flow of liquid. If you notice a decent amount of flooding that may be from damaged pipes, it’s a good idea to turn off the main water valve of the property. You don’t want things to get way worse while you’re searching for the right plumber in Seattle!

2. Open All Sinks and Faucets

Even if you shut off your valves, water can be left in the pipes. Make sure to open any outdoor spigots to drain the water and draw it away from the building. This will hopefully prevent any further water damage to the inside of your property.

3. Shut Off the Water Heater

This is important. After the water is shut off, heat and pressure can build up in a water heater unit. To stop a potentially dangerous situation, it’s best to turn off the water heating unit. For an electric water heater, cut the power from the circuit breaker. With a gas water heater, make sure to shut off the gas line (the dial is typically located on the top of the thermostat).

4. Check Other Water-Using Appliances

Think dishwashers, washing machines, and refrigerators here. If these guys are the culprits, you want to make sure the appliance water valves are shut off and the drain traps are open. If there’s a drain clog, water can collect in the appliance and cause a huge mess.

5. Treat Any Smaller, Tackleable Leaks

Yes, there is some plumbing work that’s possible without your trusted Seattle plumber. There are several ways to temporarily treat an easy-to-handle leak:

  • With your hands, knead a small amount of plumbing epoxy (equal to the size of the pipe gap or crack) and gently push it in and around the gap or crack so the area is completely filled.
  • Wrap a rubber or plastic patch around the leaking pipe. Place electrical tape around the patch, and secure the area with a pipe repair clamp.
  • Wrap pipe wrap (hardens when applied) around the pipe.
  • Ideal for a tiny leak, wrap a repair sleeve around the pipe.

Keep in mind that you should be able to find all of the materials you need at your local home improvement store.

6. Call Price Busters Plumbing

To save you loads of time and energy in an emergency, we suggest trusting Price Busters to be your go-to Seattle plumber. Why? We’re open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so you know you can depend on us to be there for you. Additionally, all of our services (and there are many) are backed by one-year parts and labor guarantee. And, we utilize the latest technology to ensure the job is done right. Case in point, if your issue is related to the main sewer line that is underground, we have the ability to perform trenchless sewer repair to alleviate costly excavation and renovation.

We could go on about all the benefits of working with Price Busters, but we’re pretty sure you don’t want to read a novel right now. Simply put, we’re accredited, affordable, reliable plumbing contractors that take customer service very seriously. Whether it’s simple maintenance or a full-on bathroom remodel, we give it our all.

Partner with a Seattle plumber you can count on! Reach out to Price Busters Plumbing and get to know us better!

 Last-update of the article: 06/24/2020.

5 Things to Look For When Choosing a Seattle Plumber

Let’s be honest — it’s not hard to find a Seattle plumber. However, it doesn’t mean it’s easy to find the right one. Your plumbing system is not something you want to entrust with just anyone. Not only can a problem leave you high and dry when it comes to essential functions of your home, but also it can end up costing you a ton of money.

At Price Busters Plumbing, we understand it can be difficult to know for sure if you’re working with the best of the best. For that reason, we have recommendations for what to check when choosing a plumber.

1. Services

Plumbing is not a one-size-fits-all type of trade. A good technician is going to have a comprehensive skill set that can be applied to a wide range of projects. When you’re reviewing the qualifications of a firm or person, make sure they do, in fact, have the right qualifications to assist with your issue.

For instance, Price Busters is a Seattle plumber comprised of professionals who are highly skilled and proficient in many different plumbing systems and methods. Whether it’s a simple pipe leak or a full bathroom remodel, we handle it. Our list of services is quite broad:

  • House, water heater, garbage disposal, toilet, sink, and faucet repairs
  • Bathroom, kitchen, and water heater installations
  • Sewer main installation and repairs
  • Sump pump repairs and installations
  • Waterline repairs and installations
  • Drain cleaning and clearing
  • Camera locate services
  • Drain and sewer cleaning

2. Technology

It’s probably not a shock to hear that plumbing technology has evolved over the years. It’s now important for a plumber to have access to tools that make it easier to pinpoint where an issue is and decipher how best to address it.

To use our experiences as Seattle plumber as an example again, in a situation of water line damage, Seattle homeowners are responsible for both their own sewer systems, as well as the side sewer that transports liquid and waste to the public line. Through the use of cutting-edge techniques in camera location and trenchless sewer repair, we’re able to save customers a massive amount of time and money. We’ll give you the simple, non-invasive steps:

1. A camera is inserted into a line.

2. A live feed is sent to a technician.

3. The technician assesses any damage or weaknesses in the line.

4. The repair is made to the line WITHOUT any digging.

Before camera and trenchless technology, this type of problem required breaking up the ground, making repairs, and restoring the area back to its original state. Think about this — if this was your problem, you’d be paying and waiting for permits, excavation, and a rebuild of your property and public land. Yikes.

3. Pricing

Obviously, right? The bulk of us tends to go for the most bang for our buck. It’s a natural desire that dependable plumbers understand. Not to toot our own horn, but affordability is kind of our thing; they don’t call us Price Busters for no reason.

Our pricing is competitive, but we don’t stop there. We also offer special deals for added savings. For instance, we are currently running three specials:

  • $50 off any plumbing repair with promo code SAVE$50
  • 5% off senior discount for any plumbing repair with promo code SAVE5%
  • 5% off veteran discount for any plumbing repair with promo code VETERAN

4. Response Time

As the old saying goes, time is of the essence. This is especially true if you have a water leak that’s driving up your bills or just straight-up ruining your home. In most cases, a plumbing complication is something you want to handle right away.

In our world, we regularly see that disasters don’t wait for business hours. In fact, some might argue Murphy’s law ensures plumbing emergencies happen in the middle of the night or right before a very important event. That’s why we’re prompt and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We know people want a plumber who will be there in their time of need!

5. Good Reviews

It’s hard to remember a time when reviews weren’t a factor in everything we buy and experience. It’s truly changed our world for the better — it helps us all to be more well-informed (and consequently more protected), consumers. Before you hire a plumbing company, see what other people are saying about them by checking out review sites like Yelp.

Case in point, providing excellent service as a Seattle plumber is something Price Busters’ technicians work hard at and it shows in the reviews. Here are just a couple of the many comments we’ve received:

“As good as it gets. After attempting to coordinate a supply line repair with large plumbing shops, Price Busters followed through thoughtfully and remarkably quickly.”Karl E.

I had price busters replace a water heater tank and the main water shut off valve. They were very responsive and prompt to send me a bid which was very competitive. They were very professional and did an awesome job. I would definitely call them again for my plumbing needs.” — Chris S.

We hope you find our advice helpful. And, while we don’t wish any plumbing issues on you, we do hope you keep us in mind if something ever goes wrong!

Price Busters Plumbing is a trusted firm serving the Puget Sound and Greater Seattle area. We’ve developed a stellar reputation, and for good reason — our customers know that when they call us, we’re going to be fast, friendly, and precise. And, they know our skills are backed by the top brands and an arsenal of state-of-the-art technology.
For a knowledgeable, reliable, and honest Seattle plumber, contact Price Busters!

Last update of the article: 05/25/2020.

Camera Sewer Inspection – The Benefits and How it Works

Plumbing Contractors Seattle

We get it — the sewer is probably not your favorite topic of conversation. We know that not everyone loves talking about the down and dirty of a system that is literally down and dirty. But, at some point, you may be unable to avoid an issue with your sewer line. Fortunately, gone are the days of intrusively digging into the ground to reach pipe blockages. Plumbing technologies such as camera inspection and trenchless sewer repair have drastically reduced the amount of stress Seattleites feel when it comes to sewer problems. Today, our focus is on the sewer camera. As skilled providers of camera sewer inspection in Seattle, Price Busters Plumbing has the skinny on the hows and whys of utilizing video cameras for your pipework.

How It Works

It’s just the nature of the beast when it comes to owning a property. Your drains start to slow and clog, and you find yourself running the gamut of DIY plumbing tips. While there is certainly nothing wrong with taking matters into your own hands, you may come to the point where professional help is absolutely necessary.

The process of camera inspection involves a fiber optic cable with a camera at the end. The camera is inserted into a pipe and a live picture feed is sent to a technician. He or she is then able to see the inner workings of the pipe in vivid detail. When we perform camera sewer inspection in Seattle, we look for several major issues:

  • Collapsed lines

The cause of this can be twofold: Either the pipe is too old, or it was improperly installed to the point where it gets crushed under the weight of the ground or objects above it.

  • Blocked pipes

Whether a property is residential or commercial, problematic materials (grease, hair, food, etc.) can build up and result in sewer pipe clogs.

  • Leaks and cracks of all sizes

Even a small crack and leak is a big concern; it can blow up into a huge problem in the long run.

  • Tree infiltration

This tends to be a problem in Seattle. The trees are gorgeous, but their roots can get into pipes and cause blockages and damage.

  • Pipe corrosion

Rust is a corrosive enemy of pipes!

The Benefits of Camera Sewer Inspection in Seattle

Really, non-invasive camera technology is advantageous anywhere; however, since we spend all our time in the Greater Seattle and Puget Sound area, we know what matters most to our clientele:


Traditional (or maybe we should call it “old school”) methods for sewer inspection involve digging into the ground or a wall and somewhat guesstimating where the issue is. Obviously, you can imagine how much longer this takes than just snaking a high-tech camera through a pipe.


Excavation is expensive. Not to mention, you have to pay even more to repair the disturbed ground, yard, or wall. Inspection with a camera doesn’t require this kind of work. We’re talking possibly thousands of dollars in savings here!


When you enlist Price Busters Plumbing to perform your camera sewer inspection in Seattle, you benefit from the best service and technology in the industry. In real-time, our technicians are able to get an incredibly clear picture of the condition of your sewer line.   

It’s worth noting that camera inspection isn’t just for diagnosing and fixing problems. The process is also great when purchasing a new home (helps in determining value) or performing a bathroom remodel (locating drain lines). Plus, it’s useful in simply checking the state of your sewer system for maintenance or preventative reasons.

Price Busters is your go-to source for sewer care as well as all other plumbing needs. We have a fleet of expert technicians who are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We take great pride in our work, so much so that our parts and services come with a 1-year guarantee. Our whole team is friendly, experienced, dependable, affordable, and up-to-date on the top plumbing brands, technologies, and techniques. We can assist with everything from general maintenance to full-blown plumbing emergencies.

Entrust your pipes with specialists you know you can trust! Price Busters is the only plumber to call for camera sewer inspection in Seattle!

Last update of the article: 05/25/2020.

Tips for Keeping Your Drain Clear

Tips for keeping your drain clear

It’s just the nature of drains. Over time, material and debris collect to the point where liquid can’t penetrate it. Even if you’re an incredibly attentive homeowner who puts blood, sweat, and tears into keeping your drain clear, you may still experience multiple issues over the years. The good news is you can reduce the number of clog problems. Of course, the Seattle Plumbers at Price Busters Plumbing are more than willing to come over and clean your drains on a regular basis; however, if you don’t want to see our shining faces every month, we have some handy drain cleaning tips that you can perform yourself.  

1. Watch What You Put in Your Drain

Tips for Keeping Your Drain Clear

You’re probably not shocked to hear this, but it’s still worth noting. Whether it’s in the kitchen or bathroom, you don’t always think about exactly what is seeping into your drain. When it comes to keeping your drain clear, there are obvious no-nos such as dumping paint or cement in a sink or throwing more than toilet paper in the toilet. Thick and grainy chemicals can harden and coat the inside of pipes, and extra toilet material will disrupt flushing. All of this can greatly reduce the amount of flow space for liquid.

Certainly, a common culprit of clogged drains is hair and soap scum. Given the answer here is not as easy as “don’t shed hair in your drains” or “get rid of all your hair and soap”, the most effective preventative measure is to place strainers of every drain in the home. It will help catch the hair and scum (and other items). Just remember to clean the strainers regularly.

2. Keeping Your Drain Clear When Using a Disposal

Tips for keeping your drain clear

We’ve discussed DIY plumbing tips for garbage disposals before. After all, it’s a system that’s whole job is to grind food waste and send it through pipes; it’s just asking to get clogged! Fortunately, it takes little effort to ensure that a disposal continues to operate in an effective manner.

Use a Drain Strainer

Tips for keeping your drain clear

Yes, our friend the drain strainer makes another appearance. It may behoove you to prevent large amounts of food scraps from falling into your garbage disposal. Moreover, there are some foods should never be thrown into a disposal, which we will explain in a bit.   

Use a Compost Bin

Tips for keeping your drain clear

Composting is not just excellent for the environment; it’s good for keeping your drain clear. Instead of sending food to the pipes or trash, try saving it in a bin for your city’s composting program or your backyard garden.  

Don’t Put Certain Foods Put in Your Disposal

Tips for Keeping your drain clear

*image from Insinkerator

As we mentioned a bit ago, your garbage disposal is not a catch-all solution for discarding food. Some material should never be placed in the system since it may be too thick or sticky:

  • Grease
  • Eggshells
  • Potato and banana peels
  • Bones
  • Coffee grounds
  • Fruit pits
  • Rice and pasta

3. Perform Simple Drain Maintenance Regularly

Tips for keeping your drain clear

*image from Ecomastery Project

Utilizing a non-pathogenic bacteria and enzyme cleaner is an acceptable strategy for keeping your drain clear; however, it’s not a must. In fact, there are some basic household ingredients that you can use to keep your drains running as smooth as possible. First and foremost, it’s a smart idea to flush sink and tub drains with hot water every week or so. But, if you’re looking for a little more cleaning oomph, we have a recipe for that.


  • 1 cup Vinegar
  • ½ cup baking soda
  • Hot water


  • Boil water in a pot
  • Pour hot water into the drain followed by the baking soda
  • Combine the vinegar with a cup of hot water, pour into the drain
  • Plug the drain and let sit for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Boil another pot of water and pour into the drain

You see? A little drain care can go a long way!

Just so you know, Price Busters Plumbing specializes in more than keeping your drain clear. We offer a plethora of services, from fixing leaky pipes all the way up to full bathroom remodels. Our highly-trained plumbers are dedicated, dependable, friendly, and technically adept. What’s more, we partner with the top brands and technology so that your plumbing problems are met with a state-of-the-art defense. And, the icing on the cake — we’re extremely affordable!

You can put all your plumbing needs in our hands. Drop us a line to learn more!

Tips for Preventing and Dealing With Frozen Pipes

frozen pipe prevention

Winter is coming. While you most likely won’t have to deal with dragons and White Walkers where you are, there is another monster you should look out for — an unprotected pipe in cold temperatures. It’s time to think about preventing frozen pipes!

As trusted Seattle plumbers, we at Price Busters Plumbing see the struggle often. A homeowner pays no mind to pipes until there is a big problem. Even though the Emerald City is certainly no tundra, the temperatures can get down to levels that increase the chance of a frozen pipe. Fortunately, preparing your home for the danger of frozen pipes is not that difficult. Let’s take a look.

The Process of Prevention

Tips for Preventing and Dealing With Frozen Pipes

You know what they say: Prevention is the key to success. In this case, “success” is the functionality of your beautiful abode. A frozen pipe can lead to a disastrous situation. When temperatures start to drop, water starts to freeze, expand, and cause pressure buildup in a pipe. This can result in expensive and sometimes irreparable damage to a home. You can see why preventing frozen pipes is so crucial.

1. Add Insulation to Exposed Areas

Areas like garages, crawl spaces, basements, and the inside of cabinets aren’t typically well insulated. Additionally, pipes that run along exterior walls experience more exposure to the elements. Try applying additional insulation to the pipes in these areas (i.e. heat tape or pipe sleeves).

2. Keep Your Home Temperature Consistent

A good way to keep the home above 50 degrees (preferable for prevention) at all times is to leave the heat on even when you’re not home. We know — it’s hard not to think about the utility bill in this situation; however, just remember that a burst pipe is much worse!

3. Deal With Your Doors

This is probably the easiest step in preventing frozen pipes! Simply keep your bedroom, bathroom, and cabinet doors open to allow the heat from your home to effectively warm the areas. Furthermore, try to keep your garage door closed, so cold doesn’t seep in and reach the pipes there.

4. Drain Water and Close Valves

Close the inside valves that supply water to outdoor hoses and bibbs. Remove hoses, open spigots, and drain any remaining water.

5. Let Water Drip From Your Faucet

On a particularly cold day or night, it’s a good idea to let the water trickle from faucets. This will help alleviate pressure in the pipes.

When Preventing Frozen Pipes Fails

Tips for Preventing and Dealing With Frozen Pipes

Okay, so as it goes with everything and anything in this crazy world of ours, some situations are just unavoidable. If you are plagued with a frozen pipe, you may notice that your sink isn’t running or the water is down to a trickle. You may also find frost buildup on a waterline or exposed pipe. This is when it’s time to spring into action with some crucial steps.

1. Turn the Water Off

No surprise here, right?

2. Thaw the Pipe

There are several strategies here after you locate the frozen area of the pipe:

  • Wrap the pipe in heat tape
  • Use heated water to warm the area
  • Wrap the pipe in towels soaked in hot water
  • Use a hairdryer, space heater, or heat lamp to warm the area (DO NOT use a torch or fire source)

3. Check on Other Pipes

Unfortunately, one frozen pipe can beget another. Examine other pipes in your home to make sure there are no other frozen spots.

4. Call for Help

Don’t feel bad if you get here — preventing frozen pipes is not always 100% infallible. If the problem gets out of your hands and damage is imminent, call a plumbing professional to come in and help!

At Price Busters, we are highly experienced in dealing with a wide range of plumbing jobs, whether it involves simple maintenance or complicated technical work. Our bedrock philosophy involves being knowledgeable, punctual, affordable, and dedicated to customer care. We’re not only available 24/7, but also we serve a large territory in the Puget Sound and Greater Seattle Area. We believe you deserve the best service at the best rates!

From helping you with preventing frozen pipes all the way up to completely remodeling your bathroom, Price Busters can do it all and do it well! Get in touch with Seattle plumbers you know you can depend on!

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