Sprung a leak?

Leaky pipes that go unnoticed can spell BIG problems. For one, your water bill will take a big hit, and of course, the cost of repairing water damage can be astronomical…especially when compared to the cost of quick leak repair.

Trust Price Busters Plumbing, Experts in Leak Repair

Ultimately, not all leaks are created equal, and although some elbow grease might do the trick in a pinch, there are some leaks that are best left to the pros. No matter the size of your leak, or the extent of the repair, Price Busters is equipped with the skills and experience to handle it, from updating specific components and fixings, to full-on pipe replacement. If you’re looking for leak repair in the Puget Sound, trust the team that’ll get the job done at a fair price – give Price Busters a call today!


Looking for Leaky Pipe Repair or Replacement/Installation in the Puget Sound area?

Look no further! Contact Price Busters Plumbing today!

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