Are Trenchless Pipes As Durable As Other Pipes?

trenchless inner pipe layer Seattle, WA

When doing trenchless sewer repair in Seattle, WA durability is a critical factor. Trenchless technology has become the preferred repair method due to its minimally invasive nature and efficiency. But how does it stack up against traditional methods in terms of durability?

How Durable Are Trenchless Pipes?

Modern trenchless techniques only cause very minimal disruption to the surrounding environment. One common method is trenchless pipe repair, which uses advanced materials that can withstand harsh conditions, such as epoxy resin, PVC, PEX, or HDPE.

Trenchless pipes have a longer lifespan compared to older, conventional piping materials. Forbes Magazine puts their average lifespan at 50 years. These materials are resistant to corrosion, root intrusion, and other common issues of traditional pipes.

Trenchless pipe lining is an innovative technique used in the trenchless repair process. This method involves inserting a flexible, resin-coated liner into the existing damaged pipe. Once the liner is in place, it inflates and cures in place, forming a new, durable inner pipe layer.

The materials used in trenchless pipe lining are specifically chosen for their strength and durability, ensuring that the new pipe can handle high pressure and resist wear and tear over time. This method not only restores the functionality of the pipe but also extends its lifespan significantly.

Durable Replacement Pipes

For more extensive damage, trenchless sewer replacement is necessary. This method involves pulling a new pipe through the old one. It replaces the damaged pipe without the need for extensive digging.

The new pipes used in trenchless sewer replacement are of high-quality materials with superior durability and longevity. They are often more robust than traditional options, including some metal pipes. They provide a reliable solution that can last for decades. Additionally, the precision of the trenchless replacement process guarantees correct and professional installation. This gives it extra durability.

Going for trenchless repair or replacement gives you a new set of pipes or pipe layers that are as durable as the common pipe options. Call Price Busters Plumbing and Sewer for expert trenchless applications that suit your pipe and sewer line needs. Do away with the extra stress, labor, and costs with the same level of durability.

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