Pipe Lining and Replacement

We Specialize in Pipe Lining and Replacement in Seattle, WA, and Nearby Areas

Managing pipe lining and replacement is one of the most important parts of modern underground sewer line repair. It’s also one of the most convenient, effective, and affordable ways to address many common plumbing issues. That’s why Price Busters Plumbing offers pipe lining in Seattle, WA, and the surrounding areas to empower clients with service alternatives and help them take advantage of innovative technology.

The Relining and Replacement Process

You don’t need to be an expert to make the right decision about your system, but it definitely helps to know a little bit about the process. The first step in any of our plumbing projects is an initial inspection and assessment, then we move to recommending and conducting solutions.

Our trenchless sewer repair services consist of:

Pipe Relining

Relining is typically the less invasive and lower priced of the two processes, but it also has more limited applications. Pipe and sewer relining involves inserting a specialized flexible lining fabric that is positioned from remote access points then cured in place. There are also spray-in-place products that are more suitable for local patch jobs.

Trenchless Pipe Replacement

Replacement handles a wider range of problems, but it can be a bit more challenging and time-consuming. This process involves the removal of the existing pipe and replacement with an entirely new one, instead of simply relining what’s already there. The exact point of entry and methodology depends on the initial assessment.

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The Benefits and Applications of Our Minimally Invasive Methods

Relining and replacement are both solutions for ongoing leaks in water or sewer lines. Relining is ideal for pipes that are generally sound and in the right position, but may have fractures, cracks, or loose joints allowing a leak. Pipe replacement is more suited for major problems, like improper installation, and may be necessary for pipe root intrusion repair and other serious damage.

The main reason to consider relining and trenchless replacement is to minimize the need for excavation. The ability to address plumbing problems without digging up the entire line saves a lot of time for the plumbing team. It can also greatly reduce property restoration costs depending on the site.

FAQ About Relining and Replacement

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