Got a Clog that just won’t quit?

Some clogs won’t give no matter how much elbow grease you can muster. Trust us, what you don’t wanna do is turn to the store bought chemical de-cloggers, which have a marginal success rate and will wreak havoc on your pipes and sewer line. When it comes to stubborn clogs that you can’t get rid of with a solid plunger session, you’re better off calling the pros 206-880-7829.

Trust Certified Seattle Plumbers for Your Clogged Drain Repair

block drain repair

Take it from us, not all clogs are created equal; some are inexpensive and quick, others can lead to larger more expensive issues if exacerbated. If you’ve got a clog you can’t handle on your own, the next set of measures should be to pick up the phone and give Price Busters a call. If you’re looking for help with a stubborn clog in Seattle or the greater Puget Sound, trust the team that’ll get the job done at a fair price – give Price Busters a call today!

  • Clear drain clog and blockages
  • Drain and sewer cleaning
  • Toilet repairs
  • Garbage disposal and repairs

Looking for Clogged Drain Repair in Seattle or Beyond?

Look no further! Contact Price Busters Plumbing today! 

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